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Our Services



Our Integration service assesses networks, VPNs, mobile devices and unmanned systems to provide the most secure cyber security solution. Our team of experts will consult with you to determine the best recommended software & encryption configurations for your particular needs. We then test and evaluate its performance and interoperability to ensure your system is securely integrated and functioning optimally.


Data Collection Service

WNK provides a comprehensive data collection service that leverages the power of encrypted streaming to obtain high quality and secure geospatial data in any environment, indoors or outdoors. Our team of experienced solution engineers meet at a location of your choice with drones equipped with the latest technology. The data collected is then securely transferred in an encrypted format.


Encrypted Drone Rental Services

At WNK, we provide drone rental services to meet your needs. Drones are sourced from trusted manufacturers and compliant with NDAA regulations. Drones can be rented for daily, weekly, or monthly periods. Rental drones come with advanced features such as ability to create Digital Twins, 2D/3D maps, and industry-standard encryption (AES-256 or PQC) to ensure your data is kept secure. Contact us today to receive a rental quote. 

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