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WNK Aviation collaborates with top-tier technology firms to deliver unmatched levels of aerospace and cyber security, harnessing the power of human and machine teaming. The products we provide are meticulously engineered to secure both data in transit and data at rest. Offered globally, our solutions leverage the combined strengths of human expertise and machine efficiency. With our experience and mastery in this domain, we guarantee the optimal security for your operations.

Computers, Routers, Hotspots, Networks

IT Equipment

At WNK Aviation, we specialize in the fielding of IT products that are designed to protect critical data and digital assets. Our team of experts are experienced in developing tailored IT solutions that meet the highest security standards. All IT products are designed to protect sensitive data from external threats and minimize digital footprints. We also provide consulting services and training to help our clients navigate the complexities of cyber security. 

Secure Encrypted Phones, software defined networks, VPNs

Communication Devices

Secure your digital communications with secure encrypted phones. Secure phones are encrypted through a proprietary VPN, providing untraceable, secure communications. Enjoy additional features such as an anonymous email account, private chat, private cloud, and double encrypted phone calls for maximum security. Say goodbye to digital footprints and take control of your privacy - contact WNK today to purchase your secure communication devices.

Drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems, UAS

Encrypted Drones

Our drones provide high quality aerial imagery and data capture for a variety of uses. With advanced features such as autonomous flight, obstacle avoidance and long range transmission, our drones can be used for surveying, mapping, and other applications. All our drones are equipped with the latest encryption technology to ensure the safety and security of your data. We understand the importance of keeping your data secure, which is why our drones are compliant with NDAA regulations. 

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